Susannah Curran Maria Blank Cia Ringertz Jonas Börjesson Ardil Yalinkilic Sofia Wettainen Razvan Anghelache Henriikka Harinen Maral Mavizi Laura Heuberger Viktor Mattsson Gazi Mrah Tea Eklund-Berglöw Annika Stridh Martin Arvidsson Magnus Karlsson Charlotte Hedberg Jonatan Pihlgren Vicc Repasi Klara Bergman Fröberg Ellen Angus Martin Wallén Jesaja Rüschenschmidt Rakel Bergman Fröberg An Umtitled Artist

Susannah Curran


Maria Blank

Cia Ringertz


Jonas Börjesson


"Instead of colonizing by force territories exterior to one's own, we are now colonizing and being colonized through monitors and passwords within our own territories.
The technology that is being perfected continues to be geared toward economic ends and to serve the marketing mind that controls today's societies."
- Trinh T. Minh-ha

Ardil Yalinkilic

Foreign Landscapes

Oil paint on paper

Sofia Wettainen

Razvan Anghelache


Henriikka Harinen

The Last Picture of Us

Oil on canvas

Maral Mavizi

Two become one

Ca 120 cm/diameter

Andra människor framträder som objekt för oss. Antalet människor är så många att vi rent konkret inte kan föreställa alla. Det är först i samspel vi ser varandra som mer än objekt. Verket undersöker hur vi speglar varandra genom att placera vuxna människor i ett rum vi alla har varit i, mammas mage.

Laura Heuberger

Garbage Gifts, Garbage Rose #2, Garbage Rose #3, Garbage Rose #4

Viktor Mattsson


Gazi Mrah

Tea Eklund-Berglöw



Annika Stridh


Digital Print

Martin Arvidsson


Magnus Karlsson

vinter 6ton

Charlotte Hedberg

Daytime Drama

Jonatan Pihlgren

Vicc Repasi

Working title; Pre-view (HT2016 Part 1)

Ongoing project.

Klara Bergman Fröberg

Under lång trappa glömmer vi bort

Ellen Angus

Skating the first Ice

The vast and open Swedish landscape in the photograph hung on the crusty cream tiled walls of a grotty, lonely youth hostel in Upsala. Spandeu ballet plays in the back ground- 'a song about how difficult it is to be honest when writing a love song' (to someone who doesnt reciprocate your love.) In this context the juxtaposition of the photograph and love song have something to do with loneliness, being an outsider in a country and maybe a kind of hope- as we stand and look at all the possibilities that could lie before us. but we are still presently standing in a shit hole.

Martin Wallén

Ju större motstånd desto mer healing V

The greater the resistance the greater the healing

Jesaja Rüschenschmidt


Rakel Bergman Fröberg

An Umtitled Artist

frukt är också godis.